I am an Anti-Socialist Precisely Because I DO Care About People

Many people do not understand what the word, “socialism,” actually means. When they hear that I am an Anti-Socialist, they will ask, “Being an Anti-Socialist… that means you hate people, right?” No, the truth is the exact opposite. I care very much about the human spirit.

“I am an Anti-Socialist precisely because I DO care about people.” I make this soundbite in my speech, The Anti-Socialist.

When I explain UCAP (unrelated consenting adult polygamy) to conservatives, it is important for them to see that I really am committed to limited government values. Being an Anti-Socialist certainly established that fact about me – and it helps conservatives trust that I am not trying to circumvent their own values.

But when liberals hear that I am an Anti-Socialist, they have heard it associated with conservatism so frequently that it can cause them concern about me. Hence, it is important to help liberals understand the very heart of why I am an Anti-Socialist – it is that I do genuinely care about people.

By posting this soundbite as a shareable meme, both conservatives and liberals are able to have their separate concerns about me allayed. By removing such concerns, I am better able to help both sides see that their own (yet separate) values do compel both sides to embrace the Polygamy Rights Win-Win Solution to end the marriage control war: abolish all government marriage control for unrelated consenting adults.

As part of the larger project to empower pro-polygamy supporters with tools of shareable memes, the pic for this sound-bite has been posted on Pinterest.

The video for the entire speech is posted online.

It has also been embedded here below.

These three links (one to Youtube and two to Pinterest) are designed to be tools for activists to use when seeking to persuade others to allow freedom for us UCAPs, unrelated consenting adult polygamists and polygamy supporters.

If you consider yourself a UCAP polygamy activist, the movement needs your help here. Please follow/comment/share these three items on social media.

Because I do care about people - Anti-Socialist - Mark Henkel

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