My Name is Mark Henkel and I am an Anti-Socialist

My speech, The Anti-Socialist, opens with a key soundbite of my own self-description. Although this particular speech is not actually about polygamy, its purpose is to provide a background-insight for helping others understand why I make the various polygamy arguments I make.

No doubt, identifying myself as an “anti-socialist” is the most accurate way to describe my life-philosophy, politics, and ideology.

I believe that people must be rewarded for their achievements. Therefore, they need to have hope that those rewards will be there for them. Any thing or philosophy that tries to remove incentive from achievement is hostile both both against humanity itself and against the very nature of how humans need to have hope.

Moreover, when explaining polygamy rights for UCAPs (unrelated consenting adult polygamists) with political conservatives, establishing my anti-socialist credibility immediately pre-empts such conservatives from trying to summarily dismiss me from debate. By pre-emptively removing their barrier that way, I am able to more successfully help them see that their own conservative values compel them to embrace what I propose. Namely, the polygamy rights win-win solution to end the marriage debate simply calls for abolishing all government marriage control for unrelated consenting adults.

Hence, I am most definitely an anti-socialist.

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My Name is Mark Henkel and I am an Anti-Socialist

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