Happy Polygamy Day ® 20
August 19th, 2020 by Mark Henkel

Happy Polygamy Day ® !

Today is August 19th in the numeric 20th year of the new century, the year 2020.

Ever since the first celebration in the year 2001, pro-polygamists have been celebrating on every August 19th of each year. That means that today is Polygamy Day ® 20! We have now been doing this for two decades!

Pro-Polygamy.com, our established movement’s media-distribution web-site, announced the news earlier today:
“Pro-Polygamists Celebrate 20th Annual ‘Polygamy Day'”

This last year has given unrelated consenting adult polygamy supporters (UCAPs) a new milestone, a new victory, a new fear, and a historic celebration – all to consider during this annual event.

The PolygamyDay.com web-site provides the details of those important events that have happened over the past year, as it reports how August 19, 2020, is Polygamy Day ® 20.

Rather than having me repeat those all again here, please do be sure to read those links from both Pro-Polygamy.com and PolygamyDay.com.

No matter where you are or no matter who you are, if you support the liberty, the rights, and the freedom for UCAP (unrelated consenting adult polygamy), please do find some time today to assess, consider, contemplate, and strategize – all while also still being sure to celebrate.

We will one day have our freedom too…

Happy Polygamy Day ® 20!

Happy Polygamy Day ® 20

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