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August 2nd, 2015 by admin

There are many ways to support the fight for freedom for unrelated consenting adult polygamists (UCAPs).

  1. Order the DVD that made history: Repeal Anti-Polygamy Laws for Consenting Adults
  2. Obtain your Pro-Polygamy Passport
  3. Join the only polygamy personals site that also funds our fight,
  4. Join the organization (specifically for Christian Polygamy)

A new web-site,, has also just been started in the Summer of 2015.
You will soon be able to join there too!

In any event, it takes financial support to achieve activism goals, obtain media hits, and work the political process. Without that crucial financial support, our UCAP movement for unrelated consenting adult polygamy would never have got as far as we have so far! Together, we truly can get our freedom! Thank you for your support.

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