(Not So) Happy Polygamy Day ® 17

Happy Polygamy Day ® !
Or I should probably instead say, Not-So Happy Polygamy Day ® !

Today is August 19th in the numeric 17th year of the new millenium, the year 2017.

Ever since the first celebration in the year 2001, pro-polygamists have been celebrating on every August 19th of each year. That means that today is Polygamy Day ® 17!

The polygamy movement’s media-distribution web-site, Pro-Polygamy.com, announced the news earlier today:
“Pro-Polygamists Celebrate 17th Annual ‘Polygamy Day'”

Over the past year, two major disappointments and setbacks occurred, giving unrelated consenting adult polygamy supporters (UCAPs) many reasons to re-strategize while celebrating this annual event.

The PolygamyDay.com web-site details the important events that have happened over the previous year, as it reports how August 19, 2017, is Polygamy Day ® 17
Polygamy Day is August 19
Rather than having me repeat them again here, please do be sure to read those links from both Pro-Polygamy.com and PolygamyDay.com.

No matter where you are or who you are, if you support freedom for UCAP (unrelated consenting adult polygamy), please do find some time today to re-assess, re-consider, re-contemplate, and re-strategize – all while also still being sure to celebrate.

We will overcome, so let’s still make this a…

Happy Polygamy Day ® 17!

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