Developing a “National Polygamy Advocate Podcast”

National Polygamy Advocate PODCAST

For our national movement of UCAP, Unrelated Consenting Adult Polygamy,
I have been working on some exciting new developments.

One of those is the development of a podcast. This is big deal because it solves a challenge that we have been facing.

Here’s why. As most of you know, over these decades in the movement, I have been interviewed in multitudes of radio interviews. Alas, there has not yet been a usable system to competently (and affordably) bring such recordings to a digital audio audience. In the past, these recorded interviews were offered in audiocassette recordings. But as all of us so truly know, the times have clearly left such “dinosaur” technology behind.

But now things could be changing. A new system has been discovered and is in the process of being tested.

If all testing goes well, this means that the history-making media interviews (and more) will soon be made available on a new system called, the

National Polygamy Advocate ™ Podcast.

Stay tuned!

National Polygamy Advocate PODCAST

March 21st, 2018 by