The Power of Choice can Change the World

“I believe in choice. I believe in your power to make a choice to change your life. Choice can change the world.” I state this soundbite in my speech, The Anti-Socialist.

The power of choice is one of humanity’s greatest powers. We could even smilingly call it a “super-power.” At every situation of life, we face options of choice.

Sometimes, criteria by which we will make a choice might limit us to otherwise think that we have “no choice.” However, to quote the lyrics of the song “Free Will” by the rock band, Rush, even “if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

No matter what challenges we face, we must always remind ourselves that we have this “super-power.” With this self-awareness, we can consciously and pro-actively make bigger and more important choices to change the very lives we live. It all comes down to our choosing to make those choices.

Socialism interferes with the power of choice. It re-distributes the consequences of others’ choices, forcefully imposing new criteria that limit the choices that we ourselves would otherwise choose.

Ultimately, socialism interferes with the human power of choice. On a micro-level; it interferes with the power of a person to choose to change their life. On a macro-level, socialism interferes with the power of choice that could even change the world.

Because I believe in the power of choice, that is why I am an Anti-Socialist.

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I believe in choice - Anti-Socialist - Mark Henkel

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