November 29th, 2015 by Mark Henkel

TribunePolygamy blocked National Polygamy Advocate 700x400

In the area of Utah and its surrounding vicinity, the Salt Lake Tribune operates a blog about the crimes of Mormon-based polygamists. On Twitter, they identify themselves as @TribunePolygamy. They are pretty much just a Mormon-based outlet, limited mostly to their local section of the country.

That local media-blog has been well aware of me on the larger national level over this last decade, knowing that I was – and am – the leading voice for the National Polygamy Rights Movement for UCAP (unrelated consenting adult polygamy).

Indeed, throughout the ordeal a decade ago with the FLDS and its leader Warren Jeffs, the National Polygamy Rights Movement for Consenting Adults has adamantly opposed those criminals and explained that that group was never part of the national movement. No doubt, I have directly been involved in educating the media. Here are several examples of reports distributed to the media.

The fact has long been made clear. Labeling the FLDS as a “polygamist sect” is considered as libellous against normal UCAPs – especially for the vast majority of us around the country who have no beliefs in anything connected to Mormonism or to its religious texts or doctrines. While we are aware that the LDS want to distance themselves from the FLDS, the fact remains that the “mainstream” Latter Day Saints (LDS) share vastly more in common with the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS) than UCAPs. We have made this known ever since the FLDS first made news over the previous decade. Moreover, any media trying to act like I don’t exist or that these clarifications have not been made, are simply deploying a tactic that self-identifies a media outlet’s anti-polygamy bias.

Anyway, only a few months ago, I finally started my twitter account, @MHenkelPolygamy. (I had previously viewed Twitter as a “noisy” fad with a character limitation.) My new twitter account has since become a resource for people who want to know the actual facts about UCAP (unrelated consenting adult polygamy) and overall freedom.

Among those twitter-followers, the localized-Utah, Mormon-based media, @TribunePolygamy, was following my twitter account. I was glad to follow their twitter account too.

Today, that all changed, it seems.

Shortly after noon (ET) today, the twitter-poster at @TribunePolygamy posted a news link from their blog. Alas, doing so, they made the “mistake” yet again of identifying the FLDS as a “polygamist sect.” Here is the tweet that was posted.

To provide them with the more correct information, I educationally tweeted the following replies.

That was followed by this:

I then followed that with this tweet:

That was then followed up with this:

To finish up the clarity, this was my last tweet:

In less than 3 hours, I discovered that @TribunePolygamy had blocked me.

They did not seek more information for clarity and accuracy. They did not ask me how I could help them be better at reporting the facts. They did not even engage a conversation with me at all, with neither public nor private message.

Alas, it appears that they (or their authorized twitter-poster) have neither any willingness to be objective nor willingness to learn information for better accuracy in their reporting. Instead, @TribunePolygamy purposely chose to silence and hide the education of facts and to keep their misrepresentation uncorrected.

Rather than seek more information, they just censored it and sought to block me.

As revealed in this article back in 2007, as “Anti-Polygamy Bias in Media is Exposed by Three Tactics,” the @TribunePolygamy‘s censorship speaks louder than anything else they might ever say.

TribunePolygamy blocked National Polygamy Advocate 700x400

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