Mark Henkel – KUIK – Jayne Carroll Show – 4-18-2016

On Monday, April 18, 2016, I was interviewed as a guest on The Jayne Carroll Show, on KUIK in Washington Country, Oregon, that aired at 4:35pm local time (7:pm ET).

This interview pertained to the breaking news cycle about polygamy from Monday, April 11, 2016: the 10th Circuit Reversed “Sister Wives” case as “moot.” Rather than even hear the merits of the case, the 10th Circuit Court determined that, since the Prosecutor had promised not to specifically prosecute the Brown Family, the Brown family’s legal “standing” to file suit was rendered moot.

Providing a backup and an archive for history, the interview itself was posted to youtube, titled,

Mark Henkel on Jayne Carroll Show – 4-18-2016 – Polygamy

The link for that youtube video was also tweeted on twitter.

This interview went very well and became yet another tool for UCAP (unrelated consenting adult polygamy) supporters to share when discussing the issues with others.

Mark Henkel and Jayne Carroll

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